ROY Asset Holding AG hereby announces that its subsidiary, Klingenberg Dekoramik GmbH, will discontinue the production of ceramic tiles in Klingenberg this year. The management of Klingenberg has decided to take this step because, after intensive examination, it no longer sees any prospects for the economically successful operation of the production site in Klingenberg. Production had already been suspended for several months due to the Corona crisis and the employees of Klingenberg Dekoramik GmbH had been on short-time working since March 2020. Against this background, the management has come to the conclusion after examination that a restart of production is not promising.

Today, the management of Klingenberg Dekoramik GmbH will start negotiations with the employees’ representatives on a social plan and reconciliation of interests.

News: Klingenberg Dekoramik GmbH stellt Fliesenfertigung in Klingenberg ein