Company profile

By using German technologies, ROY offers products of unrivaled quality – compared to other national manufacturers in China. At the Shanghai EXPO in 2010, Roy was the leading manufacturer of high quality bathroom and sanitary equipment.

The ROY brand is essentially aimed at luxury hotels, exclusive properties, public and commercial buildings, real estate developers, retail outlets, architects and design houses.

In the real estate business segment, ROY develops high-end single- and multi-family homes, as well as commercial real estate development, together with renowned partners – mainly in Houston and Los Angeles in the USA.

Real Estate Business Segment

In the real estate business segment, ROY has established itself as a reliable and competent partner in all areas of the real estate business, especially in project development, as an investor and revitalizer, with a focus on the USA.

To strengthen the project development, ROY has already signed a contract with “YTWO Affirmative”, with which ROY can obtain professional support in the areas of project consulting, planning and monitoring, as well as procurement, as needed. In addition, ROY strives to implement the projects in all real estate projects with professional and established partners. The main focus of the real estate activities is Houston/Texas and Los Angeles, but ROY is continuously evaluating promising projects all over the USA and outside the USA. The main focus is on office, single family and multi-family projects.

Ceramics business segment

ROY’s in-house ceramics team is located in Klingeneberg am Main, Germany. The team focuses primarily on the implementation of new tiles and designs as for the expansion of technical tile, such as the high-quality residential tile “Made in Germany”.

In the area of high-quality ceramic tiles, ROY is focusing on the expansion and optimization of production in Germany, as well as an expansion of worldwide sales activities through the existing distribution system. In addition, ROY is working on producing standard sanitary ceramics for the Asian and American markets with the help of an OEM manufacturer in Eastern Europe.